"There are over 450 English New Testament translations; all riddled with inaccuracies that never referenced the original Greek scriptures. The Pure Word research project was started to fix this problem."

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The Pure Word is an unprecedented New Testament resource, over 20-years in the making, that reveals the original Koine-Greek depths-of-meaning from the time of Christ using breakthroughs in monadic-based hermeneutics. Discover why many consider The Pure Word an invaluable tool to be used alongside your favorite version of the Bible to experience deeper scriptural meaning that has never before been achievable in English.

"Dive deeper into your favorite version of the Bible than ever before!"

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"I was in shock that so much depth was missing from the King James Bible.

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English is an imprecise language that can easily cause misunderstanding. In contrast, one of the most complete languages that clarifies intent is Koine Greek, so it's no surprise that this the language chosen in the first century to record the books of the New Testament. In order to bring more depth of understanding to the scriptures, it's common practice for pastors and theologians to use the original Greek writings to reveal the full depth-of-meaning within the New Testament that has been lost in virtually all available English translations. This is known as Hermeneutics; the academic methodology of interpreting text.
With more than 20-years of research led by Brent Miller Sr to develop more accurate processes for English translation, The Pure Word now offers the world's first and only hermeneutics-based monadic Greek to English translation that can save scholars, pastors and Bible students from the countless hours needed to re-translate the original Greek meanings for all 27 books of the New Testament. As a result, The Pure Word is not intended to replace your preferred version of the Bible, but rather to be used alongside it by anyone wanting to dive deeper into the New Testament scriptures.
Comparing John 3:16
King James Version:
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
The Pure Word:
"Because, God has Loved in such a manner the satan's world, so that He Gave His Son, the Only Begotten Risen Christ, in order that whoever is Continuously by his choice Committing for the Result and Purpose of Him, should not perish, but definitely should, by his choice, be Continuously Having Eternal Life."
In this example, both the KJV and The Pure Word present similar messages regarding the gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ; however, the original Koine Greek to English translation found in The Pure Word provides more original depth regarding the meaning of "believeth" in Greek that was condensed by the scholars who translated the 1611 King James.


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